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Cotton Club 11 лет

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In July 2011 the Cotton Club Company is celebrating its 11th Birthday. This year the company decided to hold a charity event. To commemorate its 11th Birthday the Company gifted the children, who required the material aid more than any other person. The gifts were given on behalf of every Employee of the Company. The financial means, intended for celebration of the Company’s Birthday, were transferred to the account of the Correctional Orphanage No.2.

If we join our efforts, we would be able to make the World at least a little better. It is only necessary to share some of our care and kindness with those, who really needs it here and now.

Детский дом №2

The Correctional Orphanage No.2 is intended for orphans and children without parental care. It is located in the Novo-Peredelkino district of the Western region of Moscow. Now the Orphanage houses 60 children, aged from 3 to 18. The Orphanage was firstly organized in 1933 in Pushkino, a Moscow satellite town. In 1989 the Orphanage was moved to Moscow, to the Novo-Peredelkino district. In 2008 a group for orphans with the ICP was established.

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