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«Ya samaya» is the winner of the award «The Product of the Year 2011»

On 9th of November 2011 the XIIIth Official Awards Ceremony «The Product of the Year 2011» took place in the club «Ray» in Moscow.

According to the rating «The Product of the Year 2011» of the National Trading Association the brand «Ya samaya» has become the winner in the «Health products» category!

Символ премии - золотая звезда Радость победы

Диплом сертификат

The prize for «The Product of the Year» is awarded to the most popular goods of the mass consumption. The other awarded brands were «Coca-Cola», «Winston», «Domik v derevne», «Baltica», the juice «Dobry», «Mikoyan», «Domestos», «Lubyatovo» and others.

As the product has won this award, it is obvious that the expert marketing strategy of promotion was applied and that the product was acknowledged by consumers!

The Cotton Club Company was congratulated on winning of the award “The product of the year” by the Russian stage stars, in particular, Mitya Fomin, Eva Polna, the group “5 sta family”, Irina Dubtzova and the group “Velvet”.

группа 5 sta family Митя Фомин Ева Польна 

группа "Вельвет"

We congratulate the Company with this corporate victory!

About the competition

Over ten years already the National Trading Association  has been summing up the results of the competition, which has indeed acquired the All-Russian meaning and extent. Today the award “The product of the year” is well-known in all regions of our country, as the acknowledgement of the competition depends on the geographic location of the participants and their share in the development of the Russian consumer market.

The prestige of this award is also verified by its high status, as the competition is also supported by the Moscow International Business Association with the aid of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, under the patronage of the Government of Moscow.

The prize is awarded to the most popular products of the mass consumption. The partners of the award are the leading investigation companies Nielsen and COMCON.

The Retail Measurement Service of the Nielsen company is the industry standard about the quality of the data about the product promotion, the market share, the distribution, the efficiency of the promoting actions, the price formation and other important information about the market state. Nielsen offers a full set of the marketing data for different sectors of the food and non-food market of consumer goods, such as food products, drinks, tobacco products, animal feeds, household goods, means of individual care etc. This data is obtained at scanning of barcodes and during the professional audit sessions of sales outlets.

The use of the mass consumption products is analyzed by the COMCON on the basis of the study, annually held by the TGI-Russia. During this study 34 thousand Russian citizens are questioned within 60 cities with the population over 100 thousand people.

The awarding ceremony is the final of the composite rating.

The experience of the competition arrangement proves that the winners of this award are indeed the acknowledged leaders of the consumption market, whereas being victorious promotes the winners to capture new market positions and increase the stability of their brand. It is not for nothing that the legendary symbol of the award “The Product of the Year”, the five-pointed golden star, decorates the products of the award winners and serves as a new bright logo to them.

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