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liquid soap
Cotton Club produces antibakterial soap

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wet wipes
Cotton Club manufactures wetwipes in various formats and for various purposes

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cotton products
Cotton Club is the leading manufacturer of cotton buds and cotton discs

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viscose cleaning cloth
Cotton Club manufactures viscose nonwowen cloth fot household tissues

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Contractual manufacturing

«COTTON CLUB» Company is actively developing Private Labels trend since 2006. First project of Private Labels manufacturing took place 5 years ago and network «МETRO C&C» became the first customer. Today we render services on manufacturing the Private Labels and concluded more than 40 contracts. We continue development of this sector and in 2011 we plan to increase the production volume of Private Labels for 12%.

Today our partners are: «Auchan», « Metro», «Real», «Lenta», “X5 Retail Group”, “7 Continent”, “Kvartal-Victoria”, «Billa», «SPAR», «36,6» «Giperglobus», «Ruble Bum», « Ulybka Radugi », «Kupetc», «Man», «Grozd», «TH «Nevis», «Т3С», «Spectr», «Pharmacies А5» , «Pharmakor», «Vita», «Implozia» «Velika Kishenia» Ukr., «Selpo» Ukr. Network «DC» and others.

Federal networks are interested in cooperation with large manufacturer, as networks require high quality of products which is influenced by such factors as equipment, raw materials, security system, quality control, staff qualification. COTTON CLUB can offer it all.

Products manufactured under contract

  • cotton pads of 8 types (40,50,60,70,80,100,120,150 pieces)
  • cotton tips of 5 types in packets and cans
  • wet wipes wide range ( baby, refreshing, intimate hygiene, antibacterial, makeup remover, everyday and etc.)

Our achievements


Within the IV national prize "PRIVATE LABEL AWARDS" “COTTON CLUB” Company nominated by the Expert Council of Summit, represented by Private Labels directors of leading retail networks of Russia.